Free excursions in the land of Alberobello

Alberobello, represents the heart of Valle d’Itria. Alberobello was founded in the 15th century by the counts Acquaviva and today is a picturesque  agricultural and tourist formed mainly by Trulli who give, besides a fairytale air, an important architectural interest. Was recognized in 1996 World Heritage by UNESCO.

Just in the Centre of Alberobello there are about 1,500 trulli of various types.  Alberobello is every year  a tourist stop for millions of visitors from all over the world.  There are many monuments and places of historical, artistic and cultural interest that we can  visit. The route starts from the terrace Belvedere. Here the visitor, while enjoying a beautiful view of the old town, dominated by conical roofs that are embellished by the mysterious  symbols drawn with lime, the tourist will warn instantly to be in a unique city in the world.

The  tour continues with a visit to the historic  Aia Piccola, with 400 Trulli, many used as housing. The name "aia" indicates a large open space which was once  used for threshing grain.

In this space, a small haven of peace, between the shoes whites and friendly people, with a bit of luck you will see people that work the mass for the famous orecchiette, typical meal of sunday, and master trullari that  working the stone, only by hand, for the restoration of trulli. We also meet in Aia Piccola  the Museum of Arts and of old and new crafts, where you can admire implements and tools of the artisan culture of our land and the Museum of oil. Here there is an old mill and old tools of the peasant culture and it is possible to taste extra virgin olive oil, our gold, and many local products.

At the end of the tasting, then towards Piazza XXVII Maggio  (Liberation Day of Selva from feudal vassalage) on which is located the  Museo of region. We then reach the Casa d’Amore: monument declared World Heritage monument of Humanity, was built immediately after the liberation  Alberobello from feudal vassalage. It represents the first house built with the use of mortar and without the classical shape of a trullo. Currently it is home to several activities culture.

The Basilica Minore is dedicated to Saints Cosma and Damian, patron saints of the city, are the most revered Saints. The Church is in neoclassical style, was designed by the Architect  Antonio  Curri. Behind the Church, there is the Trullo Sovrano, which represents one advanced example of two-storey trullo, where, between hearths, kitchen tools and frameworks is possible to breathe the atmosphere of ancient times.

The tour ends in the historic district Monti, where there are more than 1000 trulli arranged in seven different ways beautiful. Here the visitor will be attracted  the mastery of our many artisans who with their shops liven up until late in the evening.

The Church of Sant  Antonio is located on  top of district Monti and is built on the initiative of the priest Antonio Lippolis and thanks to offers the people of Alberobello. Its special shape Trulli makes it unique in the world.